+ $10/hr/person
+ BYOB (Bring Yo Own Bevs) We have ice 4 U...
+ 6 ppl Min. to reserve for sml room. 10 ppl min for lrg. (drop-ins welcome & based on availability)
+ You can bring your under-age kids between 7-9p or reserve a special party on a sunday...otherwise... 18+ from 7p-9p / after 9p 21+ only)
+ Txt "hi" to 404-328-7070 to request reservation. It may be a robot who writes you back.
+ We require a card to hold a room (this is not a flaky restaurant table reservation)
+ Cancelation w/in 24 hrs is $25 fee / No-show flakes are charged $100
+ Only chill ppls
+ OK, also energetic vibes too
+ CARD ONLY, no cash (for safety of staff)
+ Saturdays fill up about a week or 2 in advance
+ We have rooms to fit 6-12 ppl approx & Rooms that are good up to 16-20 ppl (depending on how much u love each other & ur proxemics) more than 20 we will call you & talk thru ur needs
+ You may bring ur own decorations like balloons n' what-not
+ Yes, we have a LARGE lounge area for the dancing and the carrying on...you can bring ur own food...we have extra tables and can accommodate a way for you to spread out for a v reasonable extra fee)